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Folliculitis – The Other F Word

Folliculitis, Psuedofolliculitis Barbae, Pseudofolliculitis, Folliculitis Barbae, Hot Tub Folliculitis – I mean come on, how many ways can you spell out that a follicle is inflamed, irritated or infected?! We are going to try to spell out what the “F” is going on with this common skin condition so that you don’t freak out if…

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Your pH Balance

We see beauty bloggers throw around the use of the words “pH balance” a lot, but before you start worrying about it, let’s explain what it is and its function.  What is a pH balance and how do I know it’s off?   It means the “potential for hydrogen”.  We use this scale to determine the…

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Soap? Nope!

Instructions for using soap always come with one main instruction “rinse off”. So why when we are using soaps “down there” do we not adhere to the same rinsing off rule? I tend to think it’s because nobody has ever told us not to!  When soaps get in your eyes they sting, so imagine what…

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Vaginal Steaming

What is it and why would anybody want to do that? A fad emerged a few years ago that involved sitting on a “throne” that delivered steam and herbs into your vagina. Apparently poaching yourself works all kinds of miracles like balancing hormones, regulating periods, cleansing from the inside out, and perhaps will even save…

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Mid Life is Sexy and Other Updates from Queen Bee

This post is an archive of an email sent to our clients 10/3/16. Salutations and…kegels! Yes, I said it! The latest “must do” from my doctor who noticed on my recent physical that I checked the box “easily pees herself.” What is a kegel, you might ask? Let’s ask WebMD: For both men and women,…

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