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Dealing with Thinning Brows and Lashes

Experiencing thinning brows & lash hair? You’re not alone! It’s a common frustration for many women. I’ve experienced it personally and we see it all the time in the salon. Thinning is often caused by hormones, stress, chemo, allergies (i.e. rubbing your brows or lashes in your sleep), or just aging in general. And if […]

Shaving vs. Waxing: Which Is Better, And Can They Coexist Peacefully?

Waxing and shaving may seem completely opposite to each other but they are not. In fact, they can actually complement one another, especially during hot summer months. Clients often ask my Waxer Bees what they should do during vacations and beach season to avoid stubble and unsightly regrowth poking out of their panties! Here are […]


Stressed? You will be after reading this…if you don’t do as I say and as I do. We all know that stress is a major problem of modern life. But stress is actually not your real problem. Your real problem is that your body isn’t getting what it needs to turn off that fight-or-flight stress […]

Keratosis Pilaris: Those Annoying-As-Cluck Bumps on the Backs of Your Arms

It’s a clucking shame that underneath your dazzling feathers may lay skin that is rough, bumpy and unpleasant to behold. These little bumps that you sometimes find on the back of your wings have a name: Keratosis Pilaris. Call it a first world problem if you must, but we humans suffer greatly from these rough […]