Queen Bee Policies

To our new clients, if you did not fill out a waiver form online, please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your appointment to fill it out at the salon.  We also ask that you check out the Queen Bee website prior to your appointment for tips, faqs, and general helpful information about your appointment – particularly Brazilian Waxing and Spray Tans.  FAQS

Forty-eight hours before your appointment we will send you an email and/or text to confirm your appointment details. We really need you to respond to us because otherwise we sit in limbo not knowing if you are coming or not.  Our automated confirmation text messages can only receive replies of "Yes" or "No." Any other response including added info like "Yes! See you then" will not update our appointment book and those replies will not come back to us.  So please only reply with "Yes" or "No".  You can always text us on our primary phone numbers to connect with one of our Bee Keepers about specifics of your appointment.


We understand that stuff comes up, but we ask that you give us at least twelve hours notice before you cancel your appointment. We will work to accommodate you if your schedule changes last minute, but please provide as much notice as possible. We confirm appointments so we can plan each day and schedule our bees most efficiently. Cancellations and no-shows impact us and other clients who may have wanted your time slot.  Our policy is to be as understanding and accommodating as possible. We simply ask that you please be considerate! Repeat cancellations and no-shows will be addressed privately on a case-by-case basis.


Bloody traffic!  Who knows when it will be good or bad?  Here is a tip, it is always bad so just anticipate that.  If you do find yourself running late, give us a holler. Chances are if you are only five (5) minutes behind we can try our best (no promises) to fit you in, otherwise just get to us safely and we’ll do our best to make sure you get your service.  (Longer services such as facials and full body waxing may have to be shortened).


CHILDREN….we love them but…….
Unless your child is receiving a treatment, for their safety we ask that you not bring them with you to your appointment.  Our clients receiving relaxing treatments need peace!


Whilst most of the staff at Queen Bee own dogs, cats, horses, or rodents of various sizes, it has been our policy for some time to not allow animals in the treatment rooms for a number of reasons.  We have facials and relaxing treatments in our rooms and if a dog barks (or a baby cries) it will disturb that client who has come in to relax and escape from the outside world. We have clients and staff who are allergic to dander.  Our rooms have equipment and wax warmers plugged into the walls and an animal loose in the room could create an unsafe situation.  And sadly, some people do not like animals and have complained in the past when they saw an animal in the waiting room or coming out of a treatment room.

With all that as background, we have updated our policy to allow your dog to be in the treatment room if they are a licensed therapy dog or can fit into a carry case so they are not loose in the room. If your dog is a therapy dog it must be house-trained. We hope you understand. If you are going to be bringing a service dog or a dog in a case, please let the girls at the desk know in advance so that they can give your spa technician the heads up.


Cell phone ringtones do not constitute spa music.  Please turn them off in the Spa or switch to “silent” mode.


We do accept walk-ins, but only for quick treatments such as underarms and lip waxes. We will always do our best to accomodate any appointment request so give us a call or drop in and we'll do what we can!


We gladly accept cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and debit cards.  We also accept Queen Bee gift cards.  We are happy to accept LMU OneCard at our Culver City location only.  The OneCard cannot be used at our Brentwood or Seattle locations. We don't accept checks.   (Jodi has been known to take expensive chocolate and whiskey as payment, but do ask beforehand).


We charge a $2.00 fee on all credit card transactions below $20.00. There is no fee for debit card payments of any amount or for credit card transactions of at least $20.00. Thank you for your understanding.


All clients 17 and under must bring a parent. For more information please call.


We regret that we cannot be responsible for loss or damage of personal articles. We recommend that you leave your valuables at home.


We are happy to return or exchange unopened products purchased at Queen Bee when a receipt is provided within 60 days of the purchase date.  We do not refund or exchange opened products.


Queen Bee sells elegant physical gift cards to clients.  The following policies apply:

  • Can be purchased online or at our Culver CityBrentwood or Seattle locations
  • Can be redeemed for products, services, and tips at any of our locations
  • Are not redeemable in the Queen Bee online shop
  • Purchased gift cards do not expire
  • Certain promotional gift cards (where the value is promotional and not purchased by the client) may expire
  • Are final sale and not refundable
  • Balances of less than $10 can be refunded to clients, usually by company check