Welcome to Queen Bee where life is a little 'Brit' different, where every client receives the royal treatment... without the bee-heading.


Welcome to Queen Bee where life is a little 'Brit' different, where every client receives the royal treatment... without the bee-heading.


Named Best Brazilian Wax in Los Angeles ~ Allure Magazine

What’s all the buzz about?  We value quality over quantity and do not believe in factory style services.  Our expertly trained staff build one-on-one relationships with their clients based on honest and open communication.  We do not up-sell and will only recommend what you need. We can’t wait to greet you at one of our thriving and happy hives!

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Under the direction of a licensed physician, our Nurse Practioner performs beauty tricks like Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, the latest deep peels, and lasers at our Culver City location.  Dates and times are set by the physician (see booking form for scheduling).

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Downthere Care

According to a recent Cottonelle survey, nearly half of Americans have a daily down there care routine. And for good reason! It’s almost summer and for some, bikini waxing is a part of beach and vacation prep! We teamed up with Cottonelle to ensure that we get all of your business “down there” covered before…

Microblading – the pros and cons

Recently, clients have been asking why we don’t offer microblading at Queen Bee. My answer is that it simply hasn’t been out long enough to determine the pros and cons. Before you jump down my throat and tell me it’s the best thing since avocado toast, hear me out. I have some clients who have…


  • Always bee kind, and always bee yourself. 🐝💛
  • Have you tried our new Buzz Off Bumps pads yet? 🐝 Buzz Off Bumps treats and prevents ingrowns, acne, oily and dry skin, and skin prone to keratosis pilaris & folliculitis. It even helps sooth those pesky bug bites. 🦟 Come by Queen Bee and give them a try for yourself! #buzzoffbumps
  • We have a new facial! 💆🏽‍♀️The Blooming Bee 🐝
It's blooming marvelous! 🌸 This 75 min. facial targets aging, discoloration and dull skin using SkinCeuticals pro serums and moisturizers.
It also includes a peel, exfoliation, massage, extractions, the works! ✨ Mention code “bloominggreat” for $10 off the Blooming Bee and 10% off SkinCeuticals when you get this facial. 
  • Did you know that using certain acne medications and retinoids can interfere with brow waxing? 🤨  Watch to find out why. 🎥
  • Meet Vanessa our newbee beekeeper!! 👋🐝💛
  • Meet your summer BFFs!☀️
Epicuren’s Zinc Oxide Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 27 ☀️ is a whipped, antioxidant-rich sunscreen that naturally protects your skin from UV-related damage, including premature aging and hyperpigmentation. This transparent, all zinc protection helps to lightly hydrate💧, reduce the appearance of dark spots, visibly even skin tone, and perfect your skin’s overall look. Recommended for all skin types. .
X-Treme Cream Propolis Sunscreen SPF 45+ ☀️ is a moisturizing 💧formula enhanced with Propolis. It provides an invisible shield 🛡from harsh environmental elements while helping the skin appear supple and more radiant. 🌟This product is recommended for dry, normal, and combination skin types. .
If you do happen to catch too many rays ☀️, Epicuren’s Aloe Vera Calming Gel is the perfect solution. 🍃 This gel is made from the purest, whole leaf Aloe Vera plant, and contains an array of soothing ingredients that lightly hydrate. 💦