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Queen Bee Salon & Spa has been in your business for 20+ years. As expert waxologists and estheticians, we have witnessed skincare issues that can appear “down there,” especially when proper care isn’t given. Fortunately, we are rather exemplary skin care specialists, and our dedication to exceptional service and education helps us help you. The following…

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Down There Care

The basics on taking care, down there! Waxologists at Queen Bee are trained and specialize in hair removal of intimate areas. We’ve seen our fair share of sensitized and sometimes traumatized skin in these regions that are usually kept under wraps. We need to understand why the trauma to these areas occurs to stop the…

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Brows, defined

Brows, and the fashion statement they make, aren’t a trend. Instead, they have the critical job of beautifully framing our faces and therefore allow us to showcase our personalities without speaking a word. In fact, there is a whole new language for brows, including different ways to groom and buff them.  Brush up your brow…

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