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Vaginal Steaming

What is it and why would anybody want to do that? To help my body detox, I love a good all-body steam. Not only can it help me lose a little weight, but it’s fantastic in helping relax my pores for clearer skin. Some years ago, a few celebs took steaming to the next level…

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Down There Care

The basics on taking care, down there! Waxologists at Queen Bee are trained and specialize in hair removal of intimate areas. We’ve seen our fair share of sensitized and sometimes traumatized skin in these regions that are usually kept under wraps. We need to understand why the trauma to these areas occurs to stop the…

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Taking the Sting Out of Waxing

We like to say that “Queen Bee Takes The Sting Out of Waxing!” We genuinely care about our clients and have an innate ability to serve and please. Waxing can get a bad rap and we want to change that perception of our industry.  This is what we do at Queen Bee to make your…

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What to do in between bikini waxes

It’s common for clients new to waxing to ask what they should do in between waxing sessions, so they don’t have to come in every two weeks for a bikini wax.  Not everybody’s growth cycle is the same, and just because your friend gets a good four weeks of smooth skin, sans hair, doesn’t mean…

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Your pH Balance

Beauty bloggers mindlessly throw around the words “Ph balance” a lot, but before you start worrying about it, let’s explain what it is and its function.   What is a Ph balance, and how do I know it’s off?   It means the “potential for hydrogen.” We use this scale to determine the level of healthy acidity…

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Soap? Nope!

Instructions for using soap always come with one main instruction “rinse off”. So why when we are using soaps “down there” do we not adhere to the same rinsing off rule? I tend to think it’s because nobody has ever told us not to!  When soaps get in your eyes they sting, so imagine what…

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