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Brows, defined

The trend for perfect brows isn’t going anywhere. Brows are a fashion statement, they frame our faces. There is a whole new language for brows and different ways to groom and buff them. Brush up your brow skills below by learning brow lingo, new trends, truths, myths and more!  How to achieve thicker brows  There…

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Shaving to Waxing

It started with a stubble now you’re hair!  Congratulations, you have thrown down the razor and have decided to get a wax.  If you’re new to bikini or full body waxing and have been shaving for a long time, or haven’t had any kind of hair removal, here’s the 411 on what you can expect…

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Buffed and Waxed

THE BEST IN YOUR BUSINESS Queen Bee Salon & Spa has been in your business for some 20+ years. It goes without saying that we have seen some downright troubling issues that can, without the right self-care, can happen “down there”. Fortunately we are pretty good at nerding out and our dedication to exceptional service…

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