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Shaving to Waxing

It started from a stubble now you’re hair!  Congratulations, you have thrown down the razor and have decided to get a wax.  If you’re new to bikini or full body waxing and have been shaving for a long time, or haven’t had any kind of hair removal, here’s the 411 on what you can expect…

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What to do in between bikini waxes

It’s common for clients new to waxing to ask what they should do in between waxing sessions, so they don’t have to come in every two weeks for a bikini wax.  Not everybody’s growth cycle is the same, and just because your friend gets a good four weeks of smooth skin, sans hair, doesn’t mean…

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History of Hair Removal

Removing body hair goes back, way back to ancient Rome and Egypt.  The first razors found were made of copper and were used by Egyptians around 3000 BCE.  Egyptian women, who were beauty-obsessed, removed their head hair, and considered pubic hair not proper.  Wealthy and elite Roman women of the sixth century BCE used tweezers,…

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Shaving vs. Waxing: Which Is Better, And Can They Coexist Peacefully?

Waxing and shaving may seem completely opposite to each other, but they are not: in fact, they can actually complement one another, especially during hot summer months. Clients often ask my Waxer Bees what they should do during vacations and beach season to avoid stubble and unsightly regrowth poking out of their panties! Here are…

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