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Brows, defined

The trend for perfect brows isn’t going anywhere. Brows are a fashion statement, they frame our faces. There is a whole new language for brows and different ways to groom and buff them. Brush up your brow skills below by learning brow lingo, new trends, truths, myths and more!  How to achieve thicker brows  There…

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In-between waxes blog

What to do in between bikini waxes   It’s common for clients new to waxing to ask what they should do in between waxing sessions so that they don’t have to come in every two weeks for a bikini wax. Not everybody’s growth cycle is the same and just because your friend gets a good 4…

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Man up to Hair Removal!

This one is for the boys: I recently stumbled upon a hilarious snippet about nostril hair vs. bad breath. The upshot: women are nearly evenly split about which is worse – meaning you should be sure to take care of both on a regular basis. And since I’m in the business of hair removal, I felt compelled…

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