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So This Girl Walks into a Spa…

Many, many moons ago, before avocado toast was hip, I met a girl named Jessica Koslow.  When I met her, she had been a pastry cook in Georgia, moved to NYC to do the same and then hustled to La La Land to become a producer. Although her biggest love was being in the kitchen, […]

Folliculitis: The Other F Word

Guys, if you are thinking about waxing your back, chest or bottom, you NEED TO READ THIS before you do it. Ladies, if you’re waxing for the first time, this can also happen to you on the same areas or the top of your bikini line. It’s called folliculitis and it freaking sucks – but […]

Mid Life is Sexy and Other Updates from Queen Bee

This post is an archive of an email sent to our clients 10/3/16.   Salutations and…kegels! Yes, I said it! The latest “must do” from my doctor who noticed on my recent physical that I checked the box “easily pees herself.” What is a kegel, you might ask? Let’s ask WebMD: For both men and […]

In-Beetween Waxing During Bikini Season

During the summer months, it can be frustrating for clients who want a fuzz-free bikini line to see little hairs appear before their next appointment. It’s common for clients to ask what they should do so that they don’t have to come in every two weeks for a bikini wax. Here are my recommendations if […]