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In-Beetween Waxing During Bikini Season

During the summer months, it can be frustrating for clients who want a fuzz-free bikini line to see little hairs appear before their next appointment. It’s common for clients to ask what they should do so that they don’t have to come in every two weeks for a bikini wax. Here are my recommendations if […]

Change is Good

April 15, 2016 “One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain.” The winds of change are blowing up a storm here in Los Angeles. This morning a giant Magnolia tree had been blown from it’s roots and was blocking a […]

New Queen Bee location, Dr. Feelgood and April Par-Tay

This post is an archive of an email sent to our clients 4/11/16. This is the second newsletter that I’m composing above the clouds (literally!). Soaring 40,000 feet above the Atlantic on my way home from England, dehydrated as a humpless camel (too many pre-flight vodkas), I wonder why, why do you tell me, Ms. Flight […]

Bee, Myself & I

Now here’s a story. In 2007, I had to make a big decision. I already had 990 square feet of space that was the Queen Bee bungalow on Culver Blvd. I was paying the rent from savings I had tucked away for my own place while running my garage studio. Scoring the bungalow was a […]