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The Shays Lounge Men’s Spa

The Shays Lounge Men’s Spa

The Shays Lounge

Guys, We’ve got your backs. Actually, we’ve got your hands, feet, faces and a few other body parts too.

We know there’s an instant turn-and-run response when you walk into a frilly, pink, candle-strewn spa that seems like it was created as a shrine to femininity. It’s enough to intimidate even the most confident bloke. That’s why we created The Shays Lounge at Queen Bee. It’s all the awesome men’s treatments we’ve become known for sans any girlie sh*t. Kick back in a private area while getting your treatment and tipple bourbon or a cuppa coffee. We even have man-friendly mags on hand. (Just ask.) Relax and enjoy some much deserved “you” time.

The Shays Lounge at Queen Bee
10182½ Culver Blvd
(Jasmine Bungalow)
Culver City, CA 90232


(310) 204-2236

Mon 8:30a – 8:00p
Tues 8:30a – 9:00p
Wed 8:00a – 9:00p
Thur 8:00a – 9:00p
Fri 8:00a – 8:00p
Sat 8:30a – 5:00p
Sun 9:00a – 5:00p

If you don’t see a time slot you would like, we will always try to accommodate you so please don’t hesitate to ask for a time that is not listed.




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