Post Waxing Care

For the first 12 hours after your wax, we recommend avoiding:

  • Vigorous activity, friction, sweating i.e. spinning, bike riding, running, etc.
  • Sex (for Brazilian/Brozilian Waxes only). We recommend this for first-time waxers. Once your skin gets used to it, and you use a barrier cream, you should be fine.
  • Hot tubs, steam rooms, chlorinated pools, saltwater, or very hot baths/showers
  • Products containing perfume, alcohol, baking soda, essentials oils (in fact, you should never use perfumed products down there – ever)
  • Tanning beds (don’t use them, ever!) or direct sun on the waxed area
  • Picking at your skin with your fingers or a sharp instrument.
  • Heavy creams, oils, deodorants, or exfoliating products
  • Retinols
  • Very tight clothing that holds sweat to the skin
  • Deodorants that contain baking soda, citric acid, or essentials oils. They can burn and irritate the skin.
Buzz off Bumps

Buzz Off Bumps!

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For Brazilian, Brozilian, and Bikini Waxes:

Waxed skin is compromised skin, so condoms, lubricants, spermicides, bleached panty liners, soaps, and sexual activity can irritate a freshly waxed area. Use a barrier cream such as Aquaphor on the labia area if you must use such products and always use natural, unbleached panty liners and tampons.

Before your bikini wax, your skin was prepped with Buzz off Bumps, an exfoliator with antiseptic qualities. We did our job in making sure your skin was squeaky clean when you left; it is now your job to keep it that way. If you have any concerns, please contact us immediately.

Possible post-wax or shaving reactions with remedies – Ingrown Hairs

For ingrowns that look like clogged pores (blackheads):

  • Cleanse the area with gentle antibacterial wash that contains glycolic acid, that clears away all dead skin build-up.
  • Wipe skin down with Queen Bee’s custom-formulated Buzz Off Bumps pad to expose the ingrown. The salicylic acid will penetrate the pore and soften the oil build-up. Using gloves or clean fingers wrapped with tissue, gently hold down one side of the pore with one finger and roll (gently) with the other. The hair should pop out without too much pressure and the pore should become unclogged.
  • Wipe clean the area thoroughly with a Buzz off Bumps pad once or twice a day to prevent ingrown hairs.

For ingrown hairs that grow under the skin:

  • Some people are predisposed to these, even if they don’t shave or wax. Do not attempt to try to pick these out. Sometimes the body will just absorb them naturally.
  • Keeping dead skin cells and debris off of the skin is the goal! Use Buzz off Bumps exfoliating pads before bed and in the morning.

Possible post-wax or shaving reactions with remedies – Red Itchy Bumps

Red, itchy bumps after a wax are a sign of inflammation and will usually go away pretty quickly. However, these products and steps are known to help alleviate any discomfort:

  • Cortisone cream
  • Pure organic aloe vera – cool in fridge if possible – it acts as a great moisturizer
  • Cleanse areas with a gentle cleanser (look for one containing oatmeal). Always pat skin dry very gently.
  • Apply a cool compress and hold on the area for up to 10 minutes
  • Keep tight clothing and your hands off of the area

Possible post-wax or shaving reactions with remedies – Whiteheads

Caused when your own bacteria enters irritated and inflamed follicles. Most commonly found on the chest, back, arms, above brows, and mons area. Commonly known as “Folliculitis”, many men who shave can develop this on their faces, and some people who sit for long periods of time or wear tight clothing see this on their bottoms.

  • Use a gentle cleanser containing oatmeal, pat skin dry
  • Massage in a little cortisone
  • Apply a topical antibiotic such as Bacitracin or Polysporin, mix with a little cortisone if necessary
  • Spot treat whiteheads with a benzoyl peroxide cream
  • Wipe the area with a Queen Bee Buzz off Bumps pad that contains exfoliating ingredients and anti-inflammatories. Use Buzz off Bumps pre-shave and pre-wax to prevent whiteheads from appearing in the first place.
  • Wipe skin gently with witch hazel to bring any inflammation down
  • Keep area very clean

If the breakout does not clear up, please contact us.

Your “down there” skin is sore after a bikini wax

Use a light application of barrier creams such as Aquaphor mixed with a little pure aloe vera and cortisone cream underneath your bikini area. Apply a cool compress to the area and if necessary take an Advil or Motrin. Keep tight clothing off of the skin and do not use soaps. Your vagina has a built-in washing machine and can take care of itself. We have discussed in some of our blogs the effect that soaps can have “down there.” Since our wax is custom formulated to be very gentle on every area of your body, we recommend you not using soaps or other products described in many of our blogs.

Regardless of whether you have bumps or blemishes on your skin, if you scratch or pick a freshly waxed area, you will leave yourself susceptible to self-induced irritation and infection.

DO NOT SCRATCH BREAKOUTS OR TRY TO POP THEM AS THEY CAN SPREAD & CAUSE INFECTION. If your breakout does not get any better after a few days or spreads to other areas, your dermatologist might recommend an oral medication.