Men's Facials FAQs

It’s my very first facial.  Which service should I choose?

We recommend our BeeSpoke Bloke Custom Facial. During this personalized facial, we will ascertain what your needs are and create a customized treatment. Please note: If you have a big event coming up and have never had a facial before, we don’t recommend getting one a day or two before the event. It would be rotten luck if you had a reaction to a product, so get your first facial two to three months before a special occasion, and if you’re considering a peel, come in for a patch test first.

Should I shave right before my facial?

Please don’t. If you are having a morning facial, feel free to shave before bed, and if you are having an evening facial, we are happy for you to shave first thing in the morning. Remember, shaving is a form of exfoliation and we wouldn’t want to irritate your skin further.

I have oily skin and suffer from breakouts.  Will a facial help this?

In a word, yes. For oily, breakout-prone skin, we use products that clean and slough off excess oil and dead skin cells. After cleansing and a light scrub, gentle extractions are performed. Following extractions, your aesthetician will choose an appropriate mask for your skin, then tone and moisturize with an oil-free moisturizer. We may also discuss your lifestyle and recommend certain changes to help combat excess oil and acne.

Recommended Facials:  BeeSpoke Bloke (acne), Pumpkin Peel, Teen Facial

My teenager has gotten spotty and picks at his skin.  He won’t listen to me! What do I do?

Hormonal changes combined with a poor diet, stress, lack of sleep and other environmental factors can wreak havoc on the skin. Lifestyle changes can go a long way to improve the skin, especially alongside regular facials. Before you consider antibiotics or prescription acne drugs, come in and let us look at your teen’s skin.

Recommended Facials: Teen Facial, Pumpkin Peel

I’ve hit midlife and my skin is getting dryer, more sensitive… and what’s up with these wrinkles?  Help!

Skin ages prematurely due to many factors. Overexposure to the sun, alcohol, tobacco, and stress can all take a toll on your skin’s elasticity and vibrancy. We cannot promise you miracles after your first facial, but we can guarantee results with consistent care and adherence to our recommended routine. To combat the various signs of aging, we recommend a more complex and focused facial.

Recommended Facials:  Epic Enzyme Facial, 40 is the new 30

I have ethnic skin and I scar and hyperpigment very easily.  I’m worried about getting a facial as the last round of extractions I had were very aggressive and left me with keloids and darker patches of skin. Does this mean I can’t get facials?

You can absolutely still get facials. Experienced estheticians know that darker skin types are more prone to scarring and hyper-pigmentation, and at Queen Bee we know our limitations. You can receive gentle extractions, however we will never force a blackhead out of your skin, and we will always use professional products to prepare and soften the skin before extractions. Count your blessings – darker skin is less likely to age prematurely. Bonus!

Recommended Facials: BeeSpoke, Pumpkin Peel

I would love a peel or something more aggressive to get rid of what I consider dull looking skin. I need you to bring back my glow! What do you recommend?

We have several options to choose from at Queen Bee. However, we do not offer medical grade peels at this time. After analyzing your skin, we will select a peel that will work best for you. This could be a series of Sensa or our famous Epic Enzyme Peel at five or ten percent. We also stock Epicuren’s consumer strength peels in our shops, so you can continue the treatment at home.

Recommended Facials:  40 is the new 30, Epic Enzyme

We will NEVER up-sell you during your facial or force products on you afterward. If, during a facial, you would like to add-on or upgrade your service, please talk to your Facial Bee directly. Add-ons and upgrades include extra massage, concentrated serums, and hand treatments.

If your questions have not been answered on this page, please direct them to one of our skincare professionals at and we will be more than happy to answer anything thrown our way!