Men's Brows and Facial Waxing FAQs

Can I wax my beard/moustache?

Never. Your facial hair is usually a lot more coarse and the skin more sensitive. When a more coarse hair is removed from its base, it could cause unnecessary irritation. If your facial hair bothers you, talk to your doctor about laser hair removal.

How does nostril waxing work? Why should I do it, and is it safe?

Breathe easy; we have you! We apply a “little” hard wax to a small stick and insert a couple of millimeters into each nostril. When it softens we remove. It doesn’t hurt. We want to reiterate that we do not go too far into the nostrils. You NEED HAIR in your nose for protection, but let’s also discuss the benefits to nose waxing: easier breathing through the passages (we have heard it helps with snoring), general confidence and an ability to select finer wines and cheeses!

I have hairs on my ears. Can you wax that?

Absolutely. It is our pleasure to take care of that for you. We use hard or soft wax for this area.

My brows are conjoined and I have antennae that are beginning to pick up police scanners. Can you help?

Our Brow Bees have an eye for what is right and natural. After a consultation, we’ll have your bad boys groomed back into place.