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Men’s Brows and Facial Waxing FAQ

Men’s Brows and Facial Waxing FAQ

1. Can I wax my beard/moustache?
Absolutely no way. This hair is way too coarse and will leave you bloodied and irritated for weeks if you try.

2. How does nostril waxing work? Why should I do it?
We apply a thin layer of soft wax just inside the perimeter of your nostril and gently remove with pellon, a specially designed fabric used to remove wax from skin. It’s very quick. Only do it if your nostrils have dreadlocks sprouting from them. Men with excessive nasal hair have reported better sleeps with no snoring when some of that brush is cleared away! We will not go so far in that it compromises the function of the hair that is deeper. We all need a certain amount of hair in our nostrils to catch dirt and help keep germs away.

3. My brows are out of control. How can waxing or tweezing help without making me look too groomed. I don’t want anybody to know I got this done.
Our Brow Bees have an eye for what is right. Most likely after a brief consultation you will just need a wax in the middle of both of your brows, so they are not conjoined. We will trim any unruly antennae and tweeze those randoms that bother you. We will NEVER over groom you.

4. Can I wax my ears?
Yes we do offer ear waxing, although we cannot go “into” the ear.

Question not answered? Email our fabulous Bee Keepers for further information.

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