Why You Should Visit Queen Bee Salon and Spa in Santa Monica

When you are looking for a day of rest and relaxation at a salon and spa, you want to make sure that you are going to the best in Santa Monica, but thankfully you won’t have to look very far. Queen Bee Salon and Spa in Santa Monica is the best around. Not only do we offer a wide variety of services, but we also make customer service our top priority.

Here are the services that we offer for both men and women at Queen Bee Salon and Spa in Santa Monica

  • Body Waxing: We offer several different types of body waxing and different levels of bikini waxes as well:
      • FULL MONTY – This is a meticulous Brazilian wax for anyone who wants all of the hair in this area gone.
      • IN BEE-TWEENIE – This leaves a longer landing strip that extends down under, but the hair from the tushie is removed.
      • FUR SHORTS – This a ladies full bottom wax.
      • GAM-INE-FULL LEG – This is a full leg waxing that does not include the bikini line.
      • ARMED AND DANGEROUS-FULL ARM – This waxing does not include the underarms but removes all the hair from your arms.  
      • BELLY BLAST – This is a ladies tummy touch up.
      • BROW ARCHING  (Wax and Tweeze) – This option is perfect for those who want to keep their brows in shape every four to six weeks.
      • BROW TWEEZING – This is for people with sensitive skin that might not react well to the  wax.
      • LIP SERVICES – This option gets rid of the unwanted hair on your upper lip.
      • CHIN, LIP, and SIDEBURNS – This is the best option for those who want to have a completely smooth face.
  • Tanning: This is one of our best services. We bring the spray tan to you. We offer a group deal for groups of five or more. The prices for our spray tans vary on your location, and our “Bee Keeper” Leah will be the one to apply the spray tan.  

Are you ready to spend a day at Queen Bee, the best salon and spa in Santa Monica? Call us with any questions you may have or book your appointment today.