Hair Removal in LA

Living in LA means hot days more often than not. Most of the United States gets blasted with cold weather which means tights and pants season. In reality tights and pants season means no-shave season for many. You go from shaving almost every day to at most twice a week. But not everyone has time to keep up with a clean shave every day. What if there were a simpler solution to not having to shave every day? There is!  Visit Queen Bee Salon and Spa in LA for professional hair removal.

How to properly prepare for your hair removal session

    • Don’t Shave: We know it goes against everything you’ve been taught. When you go to the doctor’s office or know there’s even a slight chance someone will see your legs, you shave. There is nothing more embarrassing than being unprepared and someone touching a very hairy leg. However, in order for the hair removal session to go smoothly, you need to have about ¼” of length in order for the wax to stick and work properly. Resist that urge to shave. We promise that you’ll leave our salon nice and smooth.
  • Exfoliate and Shower: If you have a build up of dead skin cells, this will interfere with the wax and instead of hair removal, it will be dead skin cell removal. Showering before your hair removal session will also get rid of any bacteria that may be hanging around. Once the hair removal process is over, your pores will be left open, making it easier for bacteria to come in and cause irritation. When you shower and exfoliate, your chance of any after-shaving mishaps decrease.

What to expect after your hair removal session

    • Care Free Showers: You’ve finished your hair removal session, which now means your legs will stay extremely smooth for up to three weeks. You no longer need to spend extra time shaving your legs: you can spend that time relaxing and soaking up some sun.
  • Shorts, Skirts, and Swimsuits: Deciding what to wear based on shaving or not shaving is no longer relevant. You can wear anything showing off your legs because they are soft and smooth. Never be embarrassed by not shaving before the beach again.

Schedule your hair removal appointment with us at Queen Bee Salon and Spa in LA today. We will have your legs shorts, skirt, and swimsuit ready after just one session.