How To Prepare For A Trip To A Waxing Salon in LA

You’re ready to head into your LA waxing salon for the first time, but you have so many questions. Which salon do I choose? Does it really hurt that bad? Is there something to do to make the results last longer? We can help you answer those questions and help you be better prepared for your trip to an LA waxing salon.

Which LA waxing salon should you choose to visit?

With several different waxing salons from which to choose, you want to know which one is the best. At Queen Bee Salon and Spa, we make it our top priority to treat you like royalty. We offer spray tanning, facials, and threading in addition to our waxing services.

Here are a few tips for your visit to our LA waxing salon:

  • Shower: It is best that you and your skin be clean. If you’re coming straight from work, we recommend bringing wet wipes with you and freshening up a bit before your appointment.
  • Resist: In order to give you the best results, you need to resist shaving before and between sessions. Your hair needs to be about a ¼ of an inch long. If it’s any shorter, our wax won’t be able to remove the hair efficiently. Shaving also chafes your skin.
  • Exfoliate: Take a warm bath and exfoliate. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin buildup, helping us make sure that instead of just removing dead skin, we can actually remove hair to the root.
  • Breathe: Relaxing is key to a royal treatment at our salon. The more relaxed you are, the less painful it is. If you are still very nervous about the pain, we recommend taking an aspirin about 20 minutes before and one right after.

We have a few products to help give you lasting results after your visit to an LA waxing salon:

  • Buzz off Bumps: These pads soak up any excess oil and help get rid of dead skin cells. You can use them on your bikini line as well as anywhere else bumps and acne pop up.
  • Soothe Dermal Repair Balm: This botanical balm has an immediate and long-term calming effect on your skin. It also helps your skin look balanced and healthy as well.

Feel free to book an appointment today at our waxing salon in LA. We look forward to treating you like royalty.