Why Should You Pay For Hair Removal in Santa Monica?

With gorgeous weather all year-round, Santa Monica is always bikini season. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing day at the beach or working out at Muscle Beach, unwanted hair can be embarrassing. Shaving your pits is the pits, especially after taking the time to shave almost three feet of leg. Now, you have to tidy up your bikini area? That is too much work to just simply enjoy a day at the beach. Why not pay someone and have them take care of that pesky hair that lasts for about a month’s time?

Queen Bee Salon & Spa in Santa Monica has been in the business of hair removal since 2000.  

We can offer you not only the best experience in hair removal, but custom airbrush tanning as well. If you want that extra sun-kissed look, we can help you achieve the perfect sun glow you desire. Our airbrush tan can also help blend in tan lines after hair removal or different styles of bikinis. It is very important to us that your experience is one of the best. We believe that cleanliness is next to godliness. We try to make every hair removal process as comfortable as possible. We want you to have that goddess like status without the pain.

Here are a few post-hair removal tricks:

  • Moisturize: Buzz off Bumps Amped can help to keep your skin smooth. This helps keep bumps from popping up post hair removal. It strips away your dry skin revealing your smooth, goddess-like skin underneath.
  • Hydrate: By drinking water, you are keeping your skin hydrated. The better hydrated your skin is, the better it can keep in moisture.
  • Cleanliness: Use a light exfoliating cleanser to take care of excess dead skin that was left behind after waxing.

When you wax at home, you have no one to talk and laugh with. At Queen Bee Salon & Spa in Santa Monica, you can make a new friend and feel like a goddess in the process. Book an appointment to start your hair removal journey today.