Quality Products From the Best Salon and Spa in Santa Monica

Have you ever gone home after a relaxing day at a salon and spa in Santa Monica and wondered how you could keep your skin feeling that amazing? We have a way you can do just that. Queen Bee Salon and Spa has a line of top quality products that you can use in addition to our salon and spa services received in Santa Monica. 

These are a few of our salon and spa’s quality products all made with honey: 

  • Buzz off Bumps: You had a great day at our salon and spa and are smooth all over, but now you need to keep it feeling smooth and minimize risk of ingrown hairs. Buzz off Bumps was voted “Best of Allure” for ingrown hair prevention.The pre-soaked pads strip away dead skin cells and dissolve excess oils from you pores. It also exfoliates, and all the ingredients work together to brighten, tone, calm, and moisturize your smooth skin. 
  • Green Tea & Seaweed Soothing Mask: After receiving a relaxing facial at our Santa Monica Salon and Spa, you can keep up that fresh feel at home with our Green Tea & Seaweed Soothing Mask. It contains aloe vera and sea clay to help nourish and purify your skin. The Seaweed and Green Tea work together to diminish the look of redness: you just apply a thin layer after washing your face and allow it to dry for approximately 20 minutes. Once dried, remove using warm water and damp towels. This can be used up to two times a week. 
  • Glow Face Balm: Spray tanning is a must for that tanned goddess glow. You can keep your spray tan a little longer at home with our glow face balm. In addition to giving you a goddess glow, it will hydrate and nourish your skin. Rosehip seed oil with the Argan oil will help prevent wrinkles as well. 

You can now continue to enjoy a salon and spa feel for your skin even after you leave the spa. Book an appointment at our salon and spa in Santa Monica today to get the initial feeling of wonderful and to check out all the amazing products we have to offer our clients.