Four Reasons To Visit Your Local LA Salon To Get A Professional Facial

When you imagine royalty, you think of a beautiful princess or queen crowned with the finest tiara and adorned with the finest of all jewelry. They will have on the most beautiful and stylish clothes with matching gorgeous shoes. But the part that stands out the most is their flawless skin. They always seem to have no flaws or blemishes when the paparazzi take their candid shots. Whether they have a great skin care routine or they just have amazing makeup, you can achieve the same level with your skin by getting a professional facial. If you schedule yourself regular appointments at your local spa in LA to receive a facial, you could achieve the same level of flawless appearing skin with proper skin care routines!

Why Should You Schedule a Professional Facial in LA? 

  1. Serious Skincare: Having your skin analyzed and treated by a professional esthetician will help reveal your skin’s true beauty. Your esthetician will see your face with no makeup on and decide what treatments would be best and most compatible for your skin type. In addition to being able to treat your face with the best treatment, your esthetician will take around an hour on your skin to help you get your flawless beauty look. 
  2. Professional Product: Many facials and exfoliants that you see in the local drug store may be great for just a foundation cleaning, but your esthetician’s products are designed to get deep down and take care of any under-the-skin problems that may occur. Each exfoliation product is designed for specific skin types. Some may need an exfoliant designed in freeing pores while others need one to break up discoloration and leave even-toned skin. Whichever the case may be, your esthetician will have the perfect, professional product you need. 
  3. Bye-Bye Blackheads: Waking up in the morning to a nose full of tiny black dots is never pleasant. You spend your time trying to exfoliate and take care of them yourself, and you end up with a red nose and still black dots.  Your esthetician has techniques that will not only help rid your nose of the blackheads but also be more gentle with your skin. 
  4. High-Intensity Hydration: No matter if you have oily, dry, or in between skin, everyone needs hydration.Your skin cells are like fish and need water in order to survive. In order to achieve your flawless face look, you need to give your skin the proper hydration it needs. Your esthetician will know exactly which facial hydration method is best for each skin type, giving you the glow of hydration your face is craving. 

Which Salon And Spa In LA Can Provide You With Great Facials For Your Skin Type?

The best salon and spa in LA for perfect relaxation and quality service is Queen Bee Salon and Spa. We have been treating our customers like royalty ever since Jodi Shay, our founder,  began our establishment. She started the salon and spa in a converted garage which was settled right next to the most beautiful bee-filled English rose garden. Since its start, we have branched into LA locations in Culver City and Brentwood/Santa Monica. Jodi understands that life is difficult and can throw you some nasty days, so she created a safe place for you and anyone else who walks through our doors to come and relax from the outside world for a while. You work hard, and you deserve the best skin care systems and treatments.

These Are A Few Of The Options We Provide For Our Professional Facials:

  • Bee-Spoke Facial: We recommend this facial type for our first-time customers. This is tailor made to your facial needs. You will get an hour of relaxation and a deep cleaning and purifying of your skin. After a thorough analysis of your skin, we will double-cleanse your face with exfoliation and a gently enzyme peel. Any blackheads will be extracted, and a custom blended mask will then be applied to hydrate your skin. The finishing touch is an application of a gentle retinol that contains added Vitamin C. 
  • Express Facial – Pick A Peel, Not Your Face!:  We have designed this option for those who may not have the luxury of time, but still want to ensure they maintain the upkeep for a flawless look. We will clean, exfoliate, and tone your skin, give you a professional strength peel, and then a deep massage of a moisturizing mask topped off with moisturizer and eye cream. 
  • Epic Enzyme Peel (Red Carpet Facial): This facial was designed to act much like a facelift. This Epicuren is a famous three-layer hot peel and is the go-to treatment that our celebrity and bride clientele swear by that gives their skin a flawless look. This peel will naturally digest dead skin cells, kick off the lymphatic system to detoxify and oxygenate the skin and then preps for the for two lifting masks. The first mask will tighten and firm while drawing out impurities, and the second mask, which is placed over top the first, will lift and improve skin tone and texture. 
  • Dermaplaning Facial: This exfoliating treatment is safely performed by using specialized surgical instruments that have disposable blades designed specifically for dermaplaning. Once your skin has been properly prepped, it will be held taut and gently scraped with the blade. This will remove any unwanted peach fuzz hair and the top layer of dead skin. This includes both face and neck and a deep cleansing, toning, penetrating pro mask, face massage, and moisturizer.

If you are ready to achieve your flawless look, schedule your appointment today at one of our LA locations. We also recommend that once you have started your facial routine to keep up the routine at home with some of our professional products we have created to keep your skin flawless and glowing anywhere.