Facials at Queen Bee Salon and Spa in Santa Monica

At Queen Bee Salon and Spa, we make it our number one priority to make you feel as comfortable and at home as possible from the moment you enter our palace. It is our goal to have you leave our salon feeling as though you’ve been treated like royalty.One of the ways we do this is by offering premier facials that help your face look and feel new and refreshed.

Here are our favorites that we’re sure you’ll love: 

  • Bee-Spoke Facial: We highly recommend this option if this is your first time visiting our spa in Santa Monica. Our expertly trained staff will do a thorough skin analysis to tailor your deep cleansing facial to your skin type. We purify your pores, exfoliate your skin, and gently extract blemishes. We then use a custom-blend mask that will leave you face feeling smooth and hydrated and leave you with a radiant complexion. Also included is a face, shoulder, and head massage. This 60-minute facial is available for all skin types and can even be given to women who are pregnant. 
  • Bee-Spoke Facial Extended: This is an extended version of our Bee-Spoke Facial. This includes a 30% strength pumpkin pell and focuses more on deeper extractions and also more massage. This 75-minute facial option is available for all skin types, but unfortunately not for those that are pregnant. 
  • The (Queen) Bee Venom Facial: This facial is sure to leave your skin glowing just like a queen’s when it’s all done. Bee venom has been known to be nature’s natural botox. Harvested in South Africa and handcrafted in the UK, this delivers a potent combination of essential enzymes, peptides, and amino acids. After a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction, the peel is applied to your skin to stimulate and prepare for layered bee venom products. There will be a slight tingle when the venom is applied, and it will stimulate your elastin and collagen, leaving you with healthier, brighter skin. This 75-minute facial is beneficial for all skin types, except for those who are allergic to bees. 

If you’re ready to be treated like royalty while giving your face some much-needed relaxation and treatment, then schedule your appointment today for a facial your skin will thank you for.