Best Spa in LA for Hair Removal

Hair removal has been around for centuries. Ancient Egyptian would use tweezers made from seashells as well as honey and sugar wax, and the Romans would use razors made of flint. While the areas of hair removal have remained the same, the methods have definitely come a long way. Instead of using seashells and rocks, we now have options of razors, thread, and more. One part of hair removal that has remained the same is that there are professionals to help remove your unwanted hair.

Queen Bee Salon and Spa is the best place in LA for hair removal 

We have been servicing the LA area with the best products and techniques in hair removal. We have become one of the most sought-after spas in LA, and it is so important to us that you love everything about your time in our spa. All the products that we use and sell are thoroughly tested and Queen Bee approved to make sure when you leave our spa, you feel like you were treated as a goddess.  

Here are our service options for hair removal: 

  • The Full Monty – Brazilian Wax: This option will removal all the hair down under including treasure trail. 
  • The Gam-ine Full Leg: We will remove all hair from your legs. This does not include the bikini line or the creases between your leg and bikini line. 
  • The Olde Fashioned: This is your basic bikini wax. We get you ready for summer days at the beach.  
  • Armed and Dangerous – Full Arm Waxing: This is a full arm waxing, but it does not include your under arms. 
  • Brow Arching (Wax and Tweezing): This is the best option for those who like to keep their brows in perfect shape every six to eight weeks. 
  • Lip Service:  We take care of the pesky hairs that shine bright in the sunlight on your upper lip or that catch sweat while you’re working out.
  • The Nose Job: We use hard wax to carefully remove that unsightly nostril hair that likes to grow a bit too long for comfort. 

If you’ve been looking for a salon and spa that offers every service you need with natural products that are great for you and the environment, then book your appointment today at Queen Bee Salon and Spa, the best salon and spa in all of LA.