Best Salon and Spa in Santa Monica

Whether you live in Santa Monica or are just visiting, you will most likely find yourself spending a day at the beach. Since Santa Monica is a coastal city, there is plenty of beach for everyone to visit. Whether you spend a day at the Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Par, or the Santa Monica State Beach, one thing is for sure, you want to feel amazing in your swimwear. 

Which salon and spa in Santa Monica will help you get swimsuit ready? 

Queen Bee Salon and Spa in Santa Monica is the best place to get swimsuit ready. We make sure that your experience is a pleasant one. We offer a wide variety of waxing options for everyone:

  • THE FULL MONTY – BRAZILIAN WAX: This is for those who want to take it all off. This is a meticulous wax which includes your treasure trail. 
  • THE HEATHROW EXPRESS: This is a version of the The Full Monty but will leave a natural triangle or strip on top. 
  • The IN BEE-TWEENIE: This is designed for those who can’t commit. A longer landing strip extends down under, but the tush is stripped bare. 
  • THE FUR SHORTS: This is a woman’s full bottom wax .
  • THE GAM-INE- FULL LEG: This does not include the bikini leg. We go from the top of the leg, and for an additional charge, we can include the crease. 
  • THE BEES KNEES…AND DOWN: This is a simple waxing of your lower leg. 
  • THE BELLY BLAST: This is a tummy touch-up for the ladies. 

We recommend that before you get waxed that you have cleaned up and taken an aspirin to help relieve the pain. We do have techniques that make the waxing bearable, but any type of hair removal can stil be painful. 

Are you ready to have the smoothest skin at the Santa Monica pier? Schedule an appointment with the best salon and spa in Santa Monica today to be swimsuit ready for your beach day.