Best Leg Hair Waxing in LA

Today is a great day: your hair is on point, your makeup went on flawlessly, but you just remembered you didn’t shave this morning, so you can’t wear that cute outfit you were planning to. Or what about the other night when you were lying in bed next to your significant other, only to realize they are slowly scooting to the other side of the bed due to the excess amount of hair poking off your legs? If you’ve ever found yourself in either of these situations, we can help. Queen Bee Salon and Spa is the best hair waxing salon and will have your legs looking silky smooth in no time.

Queen Bee Salon and Spa is the best hair waxing salon in LA

We want to make sure that you are as comfortable as can be. We understand that having hair removed is not the most pleasant experience ever, but it also doesn’t have to be the worst. It is very important to us that you are happy. If you feel like the pain of hair waxing is a bit much, let us know, and we can try and help relieve and reduce the pain or even take a small break until you are ready to continue. We also recommend taking an Aspirin about 20 minutes before you appointment to help relieve the potential pain during your appointment. 

Hair waxing services we offer at Queen Bee:

  • THE GAM-INE – FULL LEG: This does not include the bikini line, but we go from the top of the leg down to your feet. This is a full leg waxing, not including the crease. This waxing is the perfect one for those long summer days, giving you smooth, shiny legs for beach days and party nights.
  • THE GAM-INE – UPPER LEG: We remove hair from the knee up, but not including the crease or bikini line. This leg waxing is for those hard-to-reach places above the knee so the whole leg looks great.
  • THE BEES KNEES…AND DOWN:  Just like its name, we remove hair from the knees on down. This is great for capri and pant weather when you know your shirts will be staying in the closet due to the cold.

Be ready to snuggle with your significant other, or rock that new outfit, without wondering when you last shaved. Book your appointment today for the best hair waxing services in LA and let our Beekeepers get your legs silky smooth again.