The Best Hair Waxing Salon and Spa in LA

Getting your legs waxed may seem a bit unnerving, but the smooth legs you get and the time you save are well worth it. During your first hair waxing, you may wonder how much it will hurt, but there is a salon and spa in LA that has a method that makes your first hair waxing and every other time thereafter less painful than traditional waxing methods. 


Where is the best salon and spa for hair waxing in LA? 

Queen Bee Salon and Spa has two convenient locations in the LA area. We have a location in Culver City and Brentwood in LA. We offer the best in not only hair waxing but facials, threading, and airbrush tanning as well. We offer a charming and friendly environment for everyone who enters our doors. It is very important to us that you are happy with your experience and services at our salon and spa. Each of our products we use are thoroughly tested and Queen Bee approved for maximum results and solutions. 


Here are the different types of hair waxing services we provide: 


  • Brazilian: We not only offer full Brazilian waxes, but different versions of a Brazillian as well. We can leave a long strip, a triangle on top, or just a basic bikini wax. 
  • Legs: Our leg waxing services do not include the bikini line but do go all the way up to the crease. We also offer hair waxing from just the knees down for a faster, cheaper solution. 
  • Arms: Tired of all that prominent hair on your arms? We can help remove all that unwanted hair that grows back so quickly from shaving.
  • Chest, Back, and Belly: While you are getting your legs waxed, your man can get his back and chest waxed at the same time. You can both go home feeling refreshed and new.


We guarantee that we will make your hair removal process as painless as possible and as enjoyable as we can. Book your appointment today with one of our talented beekeepers to enjoy the luxury and tranquility of Queen Bee Salon and Spa.