Benefits Of Getting A Relaxing Facial

Life can be tough and stressful. You have been running around all day working, taking care of kids, paying bills, running errands, and the list goes on. You need a relaxing day to yourself where you can be treated and pampered like a queen. What is more relaxing and pampering than receiving a facial to refresh and rejuvenate you?

Where in LA can you get a quality relaxing and pampering facial? 

Queen Bee Salon and Spa in LA offers the best in relaxing facials, waxing, and airbrush tanning. We also ensure that our environment is always charming and friendly for every customer. It is our passion to make sure that you are not only happy with your experience but that you also enjoy every moment of your experience with us. The treatments we provide produce nothing but peace and relaxation to help take away the stresses of life for a short while. 

Here are two of our more popular relaxing facials we offer: 

  • Express Facial: We clean, exfoliate, and tone your skin. We select our pro peel based on your individual skin type. We then do a deep massage of healing and a moisturizing mask and finish with a moisturizer and eye cream to complete the relaxation and healing process for your skin. 
  • Adult Acne Facial: This is a customized facial for those that are struggling with oily skin, hormonal imbalances, and/or breakouts on a regular basis. Our professional-strength pumpkin enzyme peel is applied to your skin after we have properly cleansed and extracted it. We then place a Bulgaricum probiotic mask to introduce healthy bacteria to your skin. We end your facial with an Epicuren’s Acidophilus Probiotic Cream to calm and restore healthy skin. 

Book your relaxing facial appointment today by calling or booking online. We know life can take a toll on your spirit and your skin which is why we have created a place to help lift and rejuvenate both. We look forward to giving you the royalty treatment you deserve during your visit at Queen Bee Salon and Spa in LA.