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Love letters to our clients during a pandemic

Thoughts from Alex about the early pandemic and reopening Queen Bee Seattle We were allowed to re-open our salon in Washington in mid-June.  The first adventure was reading the new requirements (7 pages!), figuring out the new requirements, and then implementing them.  Finding the PPE was difficult.  We were mindful that the best stuff needed…

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Taking the Sting Out of Waxing

We like to say that “Queen Bee Takes The Sting Out of Waxing!” We genuinely care about our clients and have an innate ability to serve and please. Waxing can get a bad rap and we want to change that perception of our industry.  This is what we do at Queen Bee to make your…

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Folliculitis – The Other F Word

Folliculitis, Psuedofolliculitis Barbae, Pseudofolliculitis, Folliculitis Barbae, Hot Tub Folliculitis – I mean come on, how many ways can you spell out that a follicle is inflamed, irritated or infected?! We are going to try to spell out what the “F” is going on with this common skin condition so that you don’t freak out if…

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Shaving to Waxing

It started with a stubble now you’re hair!  Congratulations, you have thrown down the razor and have decided to get a wax.  If you’re new to bikini or full body waxing and have been shaving for a long time, or haven’t had any kind of hair removal, here’s the 411 on what you can expect…

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Your pH Balance

We see beauty bloggers throw around the use of the words “pH balance” a lot, but before you start worrying about it, let’s explain what it is and its function.  What is a pH balance and how do I know it’s off?   It means the “potential for hydrogen”.  We use this scale to determine the…

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