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Women’s Nails FAQ

Women’s Nails FAQ


Why would I come to Queen Bee to get my nails done and not my local cheaper nail shop?

We are no chop shop at Queen Bee. We take nail care seriously and our techs are some of the most educated in the biz. We don’t believe in cutting skin or digging for gold in your nail beds. We also invest in top shelf oils and polishes to ensure no harsh chemicals are being ingested into your skin. Our philosophy is that your nails should look beautiful in the buff for up to 4 weeks after one of our manicures.

Why don’t you do gels?

As we mentioned before we like to steer clear of as many chemicals as possible. Gels require curing time under a UV lamp and for removal they require sitting time wrapped up in pure acetone. Both of these procedures are harmful to your heath and the integrity of your nail beds. We also do not offer acrylics. If you want a longer lasting polish please ask about our Vinylux polish application.

Can I have a manicure if I bite my nails? I mean, there are no nails to file they are so short and I’m completely embarrassed to show them in public.

As the owner of Queen Bee I feel your pain. I bit my nails from the age of 4 to the age of 30. It was hard to break the habit, and I’ve heard it said that it comes from a form of OCD, nerves or a habit picked up from a close friend or family members. I don’t care how I got it I just wanted to not do it. I grew my nails a couple of ways a) from getting rid of anything too stressful or toxic in my life and b) getting a bloody good manicure with somebody experienced. I always wore a very neutral color on my nails and over time I didn’t want to bite them. Our nail techs are very familiar with this disorder and yes we can help you achieve the nails you want.

My nails are brittle and they have little white spots on them. Can you treat this?

We can definitely give you a very hydrating manicure and pedicure, suggest a nail strengthener, protein etc., but white spots and brittle nails usually mean there is something lacking in your diet, or perhaps your hands are in hot water or product too much. We suggest you see a nutritionist or a doctor to figure out what you are lacking.

My polish is peeling off and chipping and I only got it done yesterday. What went wrong?

We would hate to be the ones who contributed to this so we always want to take a look to see what happened. Sometimes lifestyle gets in the way of a long lasting polish, especially if your hands are in a lot of hot soapy water or you have very long nails – yes, polish will last longer on shorter nails. If you feel as though something is amiss in our polish application, let us know immediately as we would want to fix it immediately.