Brows & Facial Waxing FAQ

I have really blonde, sparse brows. What can I do to make my brows look or become thicker?

We love a challenge! Blonde brows often appear sparser than they really are, and there are several tricks for making them look fuller:

  • Teach you how to color them in using a brow powder and brush.
  • Encourage you to stimulate your brow area every day/night with a dry mascara wand.
  • Some states still allow brow tinting, so check at the time of making your appointment.

Can I bring a photo of a brow shape I really want?

Absolutely.  We will do our very best to give you your favorite screen diva’s arches, but remember this when looking at those brows: brows are sisters, not twins. You are seeing images of people whose eyebrows are either colored in or photoshopped to look perfect. Your bone structure is probably not the same as that particular person, so coming out of it, they may not look 100% the same. We can show you how to “dress” your brows with brow color to assist in making them look red carpet ready!

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I’m that girl from the 80s who overplucked. Although the 80s are back, my brows aren’t. Help!

This is a tough one, and we see it often. Whether it was due to an overzealous waxer who gave you skinny-minnies or you just had a moment with your mum’s tweezers, sometimes brows don’t grow back. The good news is there are tricks we teach our clients such as

  • Dry brushing brows. Take a clean mascara wand and spend a few minutes every night gently dry brushing your brows. Why? Because many times hair follicles lay dormant and can be woken up with a little stimulation.
  • Castor oil is a stimulant and again applying to the sparse area after dry brushing can, in fact, help nourish your hair and perhaps promote some new growth.
  • We have heard success stories from people using various products that contain follicle-stimulating chemicals.

My brows are conjoined and I have antennae that are beginning to pick up police scanners. Can you help?

Our Brow Bees have an eye for what is right and natural. After a consultation, we’ll have your bad boys groomed back into place.

Check out our piece in the Wall Street Journal about male grooming

Can I wax my beard/moustache?

Guys, never!  Your beard hair is technically pubic hair and is a lot more coarse and the skin very sensitive. Removing your facial hair could likely cause unnecessary irritation. If your facial hair bothers you, talk to your doctor about laser hair removal.

How does nostril waxing work? Why should I do it, and is it safe?

Breathe easy; we have you! We apply a “little” hard wax to a small stick and insert a couple of millimeters into each nostril. When it softens we remove. It doesn’t hurt. We want to reiterate that we do not go too far into the nostrils. You NEED HAIR in your nose for protection, but let’s also discuss the benefits of nose waxing: easier breathing through the passages (we have heard it helps with snoring), general confidence, and an ability to select finer wines and cheeses!

I have hairs on my ears. Can you wax that?

Absolutely. It is our pleasure to take care of that for you. We use hard or soft wax for this area.

I had a reaction from a wax. What can I put on my skin to assist in healing?

Unfortunately, reactions to waxing can occur on sensitive areas of the face such as the sideburns, chin, lip, and brow areas. You must tell your Brow Bee if you are using any kind of retinol, peeling creams, or have been taking antibiotics, as these may have an adverse effect on your wax. We will always massage nourishing healing creams into your skin after a wax, but sometimes irritation can appear when you get home or even the next day. If you bump up after a wax, call us! We will probably instruct you to apply a little cortisone or witch hazel on the area. In some cases, we’ll have you come into the shop so we can treat the area. Again, we cannot emphasize how important it is to call us if you have any concerns.

REMEMBER to tell your Brow Bee if you’re taking any medications or have changed any skincare products since you saw her last.

Prep skin before any facial waxing with our famous Buzz off Bumps that contain ingredients that strip the skin of excess oils, dead skin and bacteria. Also contains soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, marshmallow root, witch hazel, oatmeal and more.