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1823 Terry Ave Suite 105
Studio 6
Seattle, WA  98101


(206) 388-4021

Mon 9:00a – 9:00p
Tues 9:00a – 9:00p
Wed 9:00a – 9:00p
Thur 9:00a – 9:00p
Fri 9:00a – 8:00p
Sat 9:00a – 5:00p
Sun 9:00a – 5:00p


We are on the bottom floor of a high-rise apartment building called Aspira.  We’re located within Sola Salon Studios, which is Suite 105 on the ground level of the Aspira Building, in Studio 6.  Our cross streets are Terry & Stewart.  There are a lot of signs on the building that say Sola, but nothing actually says Queen Bee on the street, so don’t let that confuse you!

As a result of all of the construction in the neighborhood, it can be very challenging to park here.  If you’re anywhere close, we encourage you to walk or take public transport.  We will also make sure to have hours in the evenings and weekends when parking is much more convenient.  Street parking is the closest and least expensive option, so grab it when you can get it.

There are two lots that are very close by.  The first is a Zirx lot directly off of Howell, to the southeast of the building. The address for that lot is 1711 Boren Ave.  There is also a lot under our building for retail customers of Aspira, which includes our clients.  You may access this lot via an alley between 9th Ave and Terry Ave. The alley is just to the west of the Aspira Building.  There are three levels of parking in the building in this pay lot – just make sure to pay attention to the signs and park in a non-reserved spot.

Generally, the front door of Sola will be open.  However, if it’s late or early, there’s a chance that the door will be locked.  There is a keypad to the right of the door – simply scroll down find QueenBee or just enter our code directly (06). We will open the door from inside.  If you have an appointment and you can’t get a hold of us right away, we will undoubtedly be out for you momentarily.

When you enter Sola, head to the right to get to Studio 6. There is a sign above the door.  If the door is locked, we’re with a client, so just have a seat on the chair outside of the room and we’ll be with you as soon as possible!

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