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So This Girl Walks into a Spa…

sqrlkoslowMany, many moons ago, before avocado toast was hip, I met a girl named Jessica Koslow.  When I met her, she had been a pastry cook in Georgia, moved to NYC to do the same and then hustled to La La Land to become a producer. Although her biggest love was being in the kitchen, she was too afraid of making $10 for the rest of her life to stick with it. She was scared to really live her dream. Producing paid the bills, but she was very sad.

During one of our visits, I remember her saying, “I really love baking and I’m going to start baking bread from the best ingredients I can find.” And so she did — and she did it well. A few more visits down the road she said, “I’m going to start making my own organic pectin and then I’m going to make jam!” And so she did — and she did it so well, in fact, that everybody wanted to buy it! I then learned that my lovely friend had quit her job and was working her tail end off in the restaurant of a chef whom she admired. Whether she was dishwashing, rolling pastry or sweeping floors, she did what it took to learn the trade and she loved every minute of her hard work. More to come on Jessica…

Taking chances + risking it = success, even if you think you have failed.

When I first moved to Culver City in 2000, I remember finding my first spa location — a dingy looking bungalow on Culver Blvd. next door to Sony Pictures. Not many people thought it was a good idea for me to live in Culver City, let alone open a business there. I am only reminded of those people who discouraged me when I am getting excited about a friend or client who is taking a chance. You have to surround yourself with people who believe in you, who can drive you, who are excited for you, not those who are jealous and don’t even believe in their own success, let alone someone else’s. Like attracts like, and supportive people are friends.

Now back to Jessica, or Chef Jessica Koslow to you and me. She took a chance, she risked it all for doing something she absolutely loves. I will never forget the day she told me about a shabby little storefront she’d found in Silverlake and asked if I thought it was a good idea to open there. Well, even I disagreed about the location, but she did it anyway! Now people are lining up outside of her flagship restaurant Sqirl for her famous breakfasts and coffees.

The holidays are fast approaching, so grab this book for every budding chef you know. It’s so simply and beautifully written, you can taste the food in her words.