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This post is an archive of an email sent to our clients 9/22/14.


strongbowIt’s hot, but is it too hot to drink before 5pm? Such a silly question, as we know full well it is never too early for a scrumptious beverage, especially during these endless dog days of…autumn? Since one doesn’t want to become dehydrated, (even if it is a little loutish of me) I have selected a particularly fabulous Belgium hard cider, made from apples and honey – so it’s healthy, delightful and will ward off all sorts of doctors visits, which I desperately need (see note #6 below)!

Here are the latest bits and bobs from our hot and sticky hive:


1. Get Out the Vote!
We’ve been nominated by The LA Hot List for Best Waxing. I must admit, a little competitive spark has been lit inside of me… and I wouldn’t hold it against you if you voted for us and we won. Click here to vote. Then cross your fingers for us. I promise I won’t ask again!

2. NewBees, Freebies, Discounts
We’re tickled pink to introduce the newest Bees at the hive: Arnett M, Emily D and Marjorie Weber.


Arnett is a veteran brow and bikini waxer with 12 years of experience. As a NewBee at Queen Bee, her services are currently 20% off.

Emily recently changed career paths, leaving her gig as a hairstylist to become a waxologist who “un-styles” hair. Emily is joining us as an Apprentice Bee, and her services are currently 50% off.

Marjorie, our newest manicurist, recently relocated to Los Angeles from Philadelphia. She’s been working in the spa industry for eight years and we’re thrilled to welcome her to the hive.

We occasionally need clients to donate an appendage or two for training’s sake. If you want FREE services, email our gal Michelle at michelle@queenbeesalonspa.com and let her know.

3. Points – Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em!
For all of you who are hoarding your Honey Jar Rewards Points, it is time to start cashing them in. Points earned in 2013 expire at the end of this year, and gosh darn it, you earned them, so don’t let them go to waste.

As a reminder, all clients automatically earn reward points at Queen Bee on every service and transaction. You earn points as follows:

  • Receive the same service 5 times in 30 weeks: (7,500 points)
  • Refer a new client (5,000 points)
  • Try a new department for the first time (3,000 points)
  • Pre-book your next appointment during your current visit (1,000 points)
  • Spending – earn points for every dollar spent on products and services (15 points)

When you’ve accrued $10.00 worth (or more), you can redeem the points value towards products, services, gift cards or tips.

4. Doctor Who? Dr. Youssef, of Course! Plus a PIMMS PARTY to Boot! Save the Date, Darlings!
pimmsoclockDid you hear the news that my favorite purveyors of fabulous-deliciousness PIMMS have brought out a limited edition bottle with blackberry and elderflower? Well they have, and during my trip back to jolly ol’ England last month, I managed to sample a lot and smuggle some back in the my suitcase! Will you share it with me? If so, get your bottoms over to Queen Bee on the below date and hang out in the garden with me. Here are the details:

  • Date & Time: Friday, October 3, from 4pm until the last drop is drunk
  • Location: The Garden at Queen Bee Salon & Spa, Culver City
  • Deets: Dr. Youssef, a.k.a. Dr. Feelgood, will be serving up the usual potions: Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, and whatever new youth elixirs he rustles up. For pricing and appointments with Dr. Mark, please email amber@youniquemedical.com. The Queen Bee front desk is not able to schedule times with Dr. Youssef. Please arrange appointments through Amber.

youssefWe’ll have other vendors at the party – TNS Recovery is bringing their new line of skin lightening products and Sugar Shoppe LA will be providing some sweets. And hey, if you have something you want to share with the QB community at the party, shoot me an email because I would love to hear about it!

We’ll also be having a raffle with great products from Queen Bee, Epicuren, Butter of London and Bling Wipes among others. We’ll be doing quickie services including brows and Brazilians with all proceeds going to Wags and Walks. Since 2012, Wags and Walks has saved over 550 dogs from high kill shelters in and around Los Angeles. In 2014 Wags and Walks plans on saving over 400 dogs.

5. We now Accept LMU OneCard for Payment
LMU students, faculty and staff: we now accept LMU OneCard Flexi-Dollars as payment at our Culver City location. Standard OneCard terms and conditions apply.

6. Moody Sad Cow & my Dream Team
I want to apologize to those of you who may have seen the gloomier side of me in August and early September. Something happened to my hip in the UK in early August and I found myself debilitated to the point of almost throwing in the towel at work. I consider myself a pretty strong lass and this was bloody wretched. I have the utmost compassion for those living amongst us in chronic pain, as I have now had a glimpse. Thank you for your patience with my reduced schedule; I needed it. My staff has been amazing, and I could not have functioned without them.

After six weeks of pain, countless sleepless nights, one MRI, and one needle fit for a horse’s arse stuck into my thigh, I decided to get a second opinion. Diagnosis? I’ve been living with Sciatic Channel Syndrome, which is usually brought on by sitting on very hard surfaces for prolonged periods. I was a textbook subject. I was cured in 45 minutes at the cost of $125. I want to share the name of the man who saved my career and me last Friday: His name is Lyn Paul Taylor, PT, of Advanced Therapy Institute.

If, like me, you prefer a no BS approach to your health, you will love him. Now that I’ve combined Lyn’s physical therapy with bodywork by Lisa Lobito (310-625-7904, housecalls only) and my healer/acupuncturist Guru Dev Khalsa (323-936-0521), I am finally feeling like myself again. This is my dream team, and I’m happy to share especially if you or somebody you know needs help.

That’s it from me. Happy Fall!

Queenie and the Bees


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