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Dealing with Thinning Brows and Lashes

Experiencing thinning brows & lash hair? You’re not alone! It’s a common frustration for many women. I’ve experienced it personally and we see it all the time in the salon. Thinning is often caused by hormones, stress, chemo, allergies (i.e. rubbing your brows or lashes in your sleep), or just aging in general. And if…

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Downthere Care

According to a recent Cottonelle survey, nearly half of Americans have a daily down there care routine. And for good reason! It’s almost summer and for some, bikini waxing is...

Microblading – the pros and cons

Recently, clients have been asking why we don't offer microblading at Queen Bee. My answer is that it simply hasn't been out long enough to determine the pros and cons....

Lash Perming – The results can be stunning, but is it worth the potential risks?

As a beauty nerd, I follow all of the latest trends and am often asked by clients why we don't offer certain services at Queen Bee.  Well, really it's because...

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B12. A shot to the bot! But did it work?

As part of my venture to be more healthy this year, I was steered toward getting some B12 into my system.   My biggest complaint is that I am always tired, so when I mentioned this to my pal Ashley Koff R.D. she got me in touch with Dr. Jeremy Fine (trust me when you meet…

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Happy New You!

What?!  2012? Really did 2011 go by that quickly? It amazes me how insanely fast time passes me by. Honestly I have to question myself as to why my life is such a blur.  Is it age?  Do I take on so much more responsibility that I just don’t appreciate the days and hours I…

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