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Lash Perming – The results can be stunning, but is it worth the potential risks?

As a beauty nerd, I follow all of the latest trends and am often asked by clients why we don’t offer certain services at Queen Bee.  Well, really it’s because these services haven’t been out there long enough for me to determine whether they are safe or useful.  To get to the facts I found some well-thought out and researched online articles and spoke with an eye doctor and people who had had the treatment.

Based on what I learned, I can only make decisions for myself, not for you.  So if after reading this, you still want to get your lashes permed, make sure you research your practitioner well.

Here are the pros and cons and links to some great blog posts if you want to dig deeper:


  • cuts down on time in the mirror
  • opens up the eyes more leaving a glossy finish on lashes
  • lasts up to six weeks
  • cuts out using mascara, expensive lash growth products, and physical curling

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It IS perming solution which is harsh. Possible side effects:

  • blisters, rash, redness, dry eye, watery eyes, inflammation, more
  • brittle lash hair
  • tinting has been outlawed in the good old state of California, so you can’t add a tint to your perm
  • I could be wrong, but I believe only Barbers and Cosmetologists can perform the actual perm, so make sure you’re in with a licensed pro
  • I believe this service is unregulated in California which is alarming

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This is the most informative piece of research I have found:

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