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Skincare Advice for your Lady Bits!

Did I mention to you all in June (2011) that I was going to write a blog on bikini line care?  I suspect I did.

Right about now, I’m going to get down and dirty with some information I have gathered from years and studying the skin and hair – down there.  If you have questions or comments we can discuss them here, or you know where to find me!

1.    Ingrown Hairs (also refer to QB website)


  • Sweat
  • Friction
  • Oily Skin
  • Shaving
  • A Bad Wax
  • Lack of Exfoliation
  • Certain forms of exercise
  • Crossing Legs
  • Tight Clothing
  • Coarse Curly Hair
  • Thicker Skin
  • Picking

How to avoid them:

  • Exfoliate daily.
  • Don’t cross your legs so much.
  • If you sit all day, make sure your posture is “Emily straight as a Post”. Those of us with tummys see ingrowns and irritation on the top of our bikini lines, from sweat and irritation of skin that cannot breathe. I see this commonly during the final stages of pregnancy.
  • Shave with a good razor and Wax with a good waxer.
  • Don’t use heavy creams and oils on your bikini line skin.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing every day.

How to treat them:

  • Salicylic Acid combined with glycolic acid.  One acid peels off the top layer of skin, and the other penetrates the follicle to loosen debris and allow the hair to grow out.
  • Dry skin loofahs used gently every day before a shower and a mild anti-bacterial wash during the shower.

2.    Sanitary Pads, Tampons, Condoms, Lubes, Feminine Wipes, Soaps etc.
A few years ago I noticed a trend in skin irritation on the labia area.  The skin was a different color and texture, pink and almost flaky.  I once made the mistake of waxing over this skin and it became extremely irritated and peeled slightly.  Ouch!  After talking to many clients about this, I discovered that each and every one of them was using conventional sanitary pads. Rumor has it that some pads contain bleach that leaks out from moisture hitting it, therefore releasing bleach onto your skin.  This is just one of many links I found on the topic http://www.greenoptions.com/t/2058/disposable-sanitary-pads-a-silent-health-threat.

I don’t want scare you, and obviously everybody makes their own choice as to what they use, but there are alternatives on the market so my advice would be to  purchase pads and tampons that do not contain bleach and harsh chemicals and if you can’t, maybe apply a thin layer of barrier cream such as Aquaphor or A&D on your labia area to help protect your skin.

Same goes for condoms, lubricants and spermicides.  Some people cannot tolerate the chemicals found in these.  As women we have to protect our delicate lady parts!  Obviously, if the skin’s protective barrier starts to break down under, it can lead to yeast infections, bacterial infections and worse.

A lot of people like to use feminine wipes and soaps after a hot and sweaty workout.  Don’t.  These products can leave your skin dry, irritated and can also change your natural PH balance.  Again, many products on the market these days are counter-productive and do more harm than good.  We have “good” bacteria down there for a reason.  Let it do it’s job.

3.    Hygiene
Waxed/shaved skin is compromised skin.  The hair we removed was there for protection, so now you need to be doubly on guard.
Gyms are breeding grounds for germs.  Always use a fresh towel when you sit on benches.  Bring your own yoga mat! Before hanky panky, ensure that your partner is clean in every which way.  That means clean hands, mouth, and their “bits”.   Same goes for you!
Remember, when you leave Queen Bee we went through every precaution to make sure your skin was bacteria free before, during and after your wax.  It is YOUR job to keep it that way!!

4.    Working Out – Spinning etc.
Observations:  Raw, dry, fissures, very irritated skin.
I took a spinning class last month to try to figure out why so many of my spinning addicted clients are so sore down there.  It only took one class for me to figure it out.  I mean, I honestly felt as though my lady parts had done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson!  Holy burning ring of fire, find me an icepack to cool off on!!!   I have to admit ladies, that is one intense workout for “every” part of your body.  I get it now, and I’ve got some advice for you if you want to be saddle savvy:

  1. How about some cushioning? Instead of a full Brazilian Wax, opt for an “In-Between”, at least it will leave a little hair on the labia area to help with the friction
  2. Wear padded shorts
  3. Proper posture helps with can prevent you bouncing around in your seat so much (less friction)
  4. Apply a thin layer of barrier cream if you can’t bear to have the hair!

Remember that moisture and heat are the perfect components for bacteria to party in!  After a sweaty workout, get out of those clothes immediately and rinse off.  Mild anti-bacterial soaps can be used, but not too often, to cleanse skin.

I hope this helps with any questions you may have.