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Holiday Detox

There has never been a better time than today to prep your body for the holidays. Better skin and health starts in the gut. Rich, oily foods and too much of a good time can cause inflammation of the kidneys, liver and other organs. Guess where you start to see that damage first? Your beautiful face!

When we have a client in our facial room who is suffering from reactions such as acne or eczema, we first discuss what their diet is and how they manage their stress. We know that when we eat large amounts of dairy or fried foods we are going to see more oil production; stressed-out clients may have eczema appear in small patches; when a client is coming off of the pill or having any hormonal changes, we know the skin purges and everything comes to the surface. Although we want to do our best to help each of our clients, we can’t promise a cure. What we can do is help prevent stressed out skin by advising clients on changing their food intake, exercising and practicing yoga or meditation. One of our most favorite recommendations for a natural detox is milk thistle! The milk from this plant has been used for over 2,000 years and helps detox your liver, therefore, saving you from potential gallstones and it also has anti-aging properties. This miracle little plant grows in California but is native to the Mediterranean.