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Happy New You!

Jodi ShaysWhat?!  2012? Really did 2011 go by that quickly? It amazes me how insanely fast time passes me by. Honestly I have to question myself as to why my life is such a blur.  Is it age?  Do I take on so much more responsibility that I just don’t appreciate the days and hours I am given?  I think it’s the latter, and that is why 2012 is going to be such a significant change for me.  I have recognized and acknowledged that I’m not allowing myself to enjoy what I’m given. Sure, I still intend to work my British bottom off as hard as I always have – it’s in my nature – but now in my early 40s it’s important to understand that I am not invincible and that health and wellness should be my #1 priority, as it should be yours.

I am so excited about the Queen Bee Blog!  It gives me/us an opportunity to share our views and opinions about life and wellness.  I’ll be inviting guest speakers, the top people in their trade, to post important information that we should devour and retain (just like a fine wine!!).

So! What was my first change in 2012?  Wellness.  I have not felt this in some time, and it’s time to get serious.   It started with a three-day cleanse, an email to a doctor to get my vitals checked, a mammogram and some essential B12 injected into my ever-growing, taking over the world, bottom!!!

At least for the early part of this year, the Queen Bee Blog will be devoted to “us”.  The worker bees!  Look out for some pretty amazing posts by some incredibly knowledgeable people.

Happy new you!!!