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Facials: Hands-On Knowledge

I’m often asked why we don’t have much facial “machinery” at Queen Bee. Whilst we agree there are some machines, such as micro-current, IPL lasers, oxygen equipment and other technologies that give temporary fixes, our approach relies on the healing properties of human touch. At Queen Bee, we believe there […]


July Updates from Queen Bee

This post is an archive of an email sent to our clients 7/22/14. Hello! My original subject line for this email was going to be: “Spotted Dick (it’s a pudding, for real).” While that’s true, and it’s one of my favorite desserts, I wasn’t sure you would be brave enough […]

Cookie Cutter Brows vs Natural Beauties

I found this beautifully written article in Vogue last week and wanted to share it with you, along with my thoughts on the art of brow shaping. I truly believe that the 1980s was the absolute worst decade for brows, and since then we’ve gone through some really dramatic changes […]

News from the Windy City (Los Angeles!)

This post is an archive of an email sent to our clients 5/15/14. Hello! Cock-a-doodle-do (or don’t), it’s spring! “Can you hear the lambs, Clarice?” The hot winds of change have been a-blowing about these parts, folks. And I’m not talking about the morning after a bad Vindaloo. (Ooh, craving […]