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Man up to Hair Removal!

This one is for the boys: I recently stumbled upon a hilarious snippet about nostril hair vs. bad breath. The upshot: women are nearly evenly split about which is worse – meaning you should be sure to take care of both on a regular basis. And since I’m in the business of hair removal, I felt compelled […]

What to do with those Allergy Eyes!

Puffy, red, itchy eyes?  Here are some quick tips to relieve them at home: Cold Compresses We’re not telling you to put ice directly on your eyes (that would be a big no-no), but there are several items you can chill in the fridge or freezer and apply to your eyes for instant relief.  They […]

Springtime Updates from Queen Bee

This post is an archive of an email sent to our clients 4/16/15. Happy New Year! Indeed, I’ve been writing this since February, and it’s taken me all of Q1 to figure out that I just wasn’t drinking the right beverage to get the job done. Thanks to a feisty Fillibuster Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey (aged […]

Going Green in the Spa Scene: How We Do it at Queen Bee

When I opened my first Queen Bee location, I was shocked at how much waste went into our trash everyday.  The thought of thousands of empty wax cans, wooden sticks and other everyday salon waste piled on top of a landfill sickened me.  I knew there had to be a better way to run a […]