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Springtime Updates from Queen Bee

This post is an archive of an email sent to our clients 4/16/15. Happy New Year! Indeed, I’ve been writing this since February, and it’s taken me all of Q1 to figure out that I just wasn’t drinking the right beverage to get the job done. Thanks to a feisty […]

Going Green in the Spa Scene: How We Do it at Queen Bee

When I opened my first Queen Bee location, I was shocked at how much waste went into our trash everyday.  The thought of thousands of empty wax cans, wooden sticks and other everyday salon waste piled on top of a landfill sickened me.  I knew there had to be a […]

Spring Clean Your Skincare

Spring! It’s not just a time to clean house, but also a time to shed dull, dry winter skin. People often ask me how they should exfoliate, with what, and how often. The answer is simple. You should always exfoliate (but never over exfoliate) and you should pick the appropriate […]

Your 2015 Skin Detox Guide

This blog entry is courtesy or and was written by Allie Flinn View the original post on It’s official: We’ve survived another holiday season. Champagne was sipped, sequins were worn, desserts were eaten… but now that the merriment is over, it’s time to deal with the fallout. Namely, […]